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finnquinn's Journal

Finn and Quinn: A Livejournal Community
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Welcome to Finn & Quinn: A Livejournal Community! This is a community dedicated to bringing you all the latest information regarding the hit TV show "Glee", the fictional characters Finn Hudson and Quinn Fabray, as well as their portrayers, Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron.

1. Anyone can join this community by clicking here.
2. Keep all discussion focussed on "Glee", Finn, Quinn, Dianna, and Cory.
3. When posting more than 4 icons or any large graphics, please place them behind a cut.
4. All posts must be tagged.
5. Community pimping is allowed, as long as it Glee-related. Please ask for mod permission here.
6. All spoilers MUST be under a cut. We're not all spoiler-whores, mkay?
7. Respect every member in the community. You may share different views, which can lead to great debates or discussions, but harrassment will lead to bansville.

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